Did you know how much trash is dumped into the ocean? Sadly, more than 8 tons of garbage are dumped into the sea every year. Can you imagine what happens to that trash in the ocean? – Yes, plastic waste can certainly damage ecosystems and be harmful to marine animal species, including sea turtles.

world sea turtle day
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The population of several types of sea turtles is currently decreased and is threatened with extinction. So, what should we do to prevent them from becoming extinct? – Through World Sea Turtle Day, let’s find out how to save and maintain their population in open water!

What is World Sea Turtle Day?

Commemorated on June 16 every year, World Turtle Day celebrate to raise awareness about threats to sea turtles and encouraging people to help protect the world’s turtles.

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This is because more than 2,500 species of sea turtles in the world consume millions of pounds of plastic waste thrown into the ocean. Plastic waste can block the food turtles eat which can lead to weight loss and even death. This has resulted in the death of many turtles and their numbers are dwindling in the wild.

What Puts Turtles at Risk?

let's celebrate world sea turtle day with bali safari
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Besides garbage, one of the main threats to turtles is the destruction of their natural habitat. Illegal hunting for turtle meat and eggs is still common today. Not only that, the existence of climate change such as changes in temperature also take part in the threat of these aquatic animals.

Take a Small Steps to Save Sea Turtles

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So, what can we do? – With small steps such as caring for the environment by throwing garbage in its place, you have participated in the effort to save sea turtles. You can also help the turtles by using products made from easily biodegradable or reusable materials.

How To Celebrate It?

To celebrate World Turtle Day, you can participate in simple ways such as searching for information about sea turtles from books and the internet. If on the high seas, you can participate by not disturbing the turtles in their nests, not littering, and not polluting the environment!

If you want to see these sea creatures in the future, then take your steps now to protect them from extinction! Happy World Sea Turtle Day from Bali Safari Park!