Published March 8, 2023 | Animals, Celebrate, Conservation, Wildlife

Today is International Women’s Day. Well, this time we will discuss animals led by females. If in human life, of course, it’s no stranger to women being leaders in a group. But this earth is not only occupied by humans. There are living things other than humans living on earth, which the animals. Let’s follow this article!

African Lion

Although the African lion is known as “The King of The Jungle”, in fact a group is proudly led by a female. Females cooperate in hunting, defending their territory, and protecting their young from adult males. In the wild, lionesses hunt (usually in groups) while the male lions stay in the den and watch. The male is the first to eat when the lioness arrives with her prey.

African Elephant

The African elephant is also led by the oldest and usually the largest female. Female elephants, also known as matriarchs, play a crucial role in leading their family groups, which can consist of anywhere from 8 to 100 elephants. Matriarchs are typically the oldest and largest females in the group and are highly respected by the other elephants. They use their experience and knowledge to make decisions that benefit the group as a whole, such as finding food and water sources, avoiding danger, and maintaining social cohesion.


Female hyenas do exhibit dominant behavior in their social groups, having a unique social structure where they dominate males and compete with each other for access to resources and mates. Female hyenas are physically larger than males so they can rule during conflicts with predators or other enemies. Therefore, female hyenas are always at the forefront of battle and can direct where the group will go. Female hyenas also serve to defuse conflict tensions.

What’s Special On Women’s Day?

Women's Day

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Remember, celebrating Women’s Day is not just about one day, but about continuing to work towards gender equality all year round.