Wildlife is a gift of Mother Nature that many take for granted. The term of wildlife does not only covers wild animals, but also accommodates all undomesticated creatures, including birds, insects, plants, even microscopic organisms. To maintain a healthy ecological balance on this earth, all living creatures should treated as important as humans. So we need to protect wildlife.

Each organism on this earth has a role to play in the ecosystem, but sadly many of the world’s animals are gradually crowding up the endangered list due to habitat loss, illegal poaching, hunting, and so on. There are great factors contributing to wildlife extinction.

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If no stringent actions are taken to save our wildlife, the extinction of our animals and habitat will have a fatal impact on the human race as well.

This week, as a keen supporter of wildlife conservation, Bali Safari Park walks you through a number of reasons why we should protect the natural wonders of our world.

Promote Biodiversity

Biodiversity is vital for a healthy and functional ecosystem. The ecosystem is delicate. Extracting wildlife from its natural habitat inevitably leads to disastrous results. If a single species should become extinct, the whole food chain will disrupted – affecting all species. Similarly, if a species get an increase in number, it can have an adverse effect on the ecological balance. If carnivores are becoming extinct, the number of herbivorous animals will rise, consequently leaving us with an imbalanced ecosystem.

For agriculture and farming

Every day human life relies largely on agricultural crops and plants for a variety of purposes. Are you aware that wildlife plays a significant role in the growth of these crops?
If you’re not familiar with pollination, it’s a reproduction system in plants wherein the pollen grains from the male flower are transferred to the female flower, which then produces seeds. The birds, bees, and insects all have roles as to how pollination occurs. Crop growth can be significantly affected if the pollen-carrying animals are reduced in numbers.

For recreation

recreation with families

Where will you, your kids, and future generations go for wildlife safaris, birdwatching, camping, and nature photography if there are no forests? Where will the anglers go if there are no fish left in lakes and rivers? With humans disturbing nature at an alarming pace, it would be a matter of time that we even have options for recreational activities in the lap of Mother Nature. Imagine only being able to show the wonders of nature books and photographs?

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