Published September 13, 2022 | Endangered, Environment, Love, Wildlife

Humans aren’t the only living creatures – we are just one of the many wildlife that lives on the earth. Yet, it’s so easy to close our eyes and cover our ears to the imbalances ecosystems that keeps happening.

Don’t do that because we have the most important roles in protecting the wildlife! Here is the reason why does it matters:

Maintains Balance in Ecosystems


Every living things is connected, even if one organism become extinct will affect the entire ecosystems. It has a domino effects for all with no exception!

Biodiversity, which refers to the number of species in an ecosystem also a sign of healthy environment. Healthy ecosystems must have a lot of diversity. The example is a wide variety of plants means greater productivity and better health. If there are fewer plant species, a disease that affects them spreads faster and more effectively. More variety means better resistance.

Provide Humans’ Needs


All living things in nature are our natural needs as human beings. Everything we eat comes from the wildlife – either an animal or plant originally. Without a variety of food sources, our nutrition suffers. By protecting wildlife and natural habitats, surely will strengthens food security around the world.

Besides nutrition source, the other human can depends on wildlife is the income. According to the World Economic Forum, 1.6-billion people depend on forests in the global south and depend on water globally. As wildlife and their habitats shrink, jobs are loss!

Moreover, humans have always need the nature for medicine purpose. Many medicines still rely on herbs, spices, and more. Medicines like morphine, penicillin, and aspirin comes from wild plants. If the ecosystems experiences an imbalance, it is possible that it will threaten dozens of lives in needs.

Good for Mental Health


Nowadays, many have start to speak up about mental health which is a serious issues. Although it takes a long process, nature is an important factor that can heal mental health. People who live close to natural environments and wildlife are prove to be more active, emotionally strong, and physically healthier. This is one another reason we need to protect wildlife and the habitats they live in.

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