Published April 9, 2018 | Activities

What’s the difference between a safari park and a zoo? Commonly used interchangeably, the two certainly differ in principle. While most zoos cage animals for exhibition, a safari park lets their animals roam free resembling a real wildlife environment.

You should consider going on a safari adventure with Bali Safari Park – to add to your Bali experience, and learn more about a huge variety of animals.

breakfast with lion - safaris better than zoos

Witness a close wildlife encounter

Zoos are known to keep animals enclosed and deprived of their natural habitat, consequently leaving them bored and depressed. Wild animals, such as tigers and lions, are natural hunters and enjoy climbing, running, and staying active in wide spaces. Safari parks provide them with this liberty, which gives animal lovers the opportunity to get to know the animals as if witnessing them in the wild.

Going on a safari fills you with adrenaline rush. There’s nothing more fun and adventurous than crossing paths with magnificent elephants and dining in with a pride of lions. A safari adventure gives you the upfront exposure to experience wildlife up-close and personal.

A true cultural experience

bali agung - cultural show bali safari park

A standard zoo is generally built on an artificial setting, while a safari is fringed with exotic plants and remarkable landscape. Not only will you meet animals, you will gain knowledge in the wonders of flora and other natural beauty, which beats any man-made creation. Safaris give you a genuine cultural experience in its true form, not limited to human construction. Don’t miss out on the glorious opportunity to witness the cultural shows to give you a wider insight into the local culture.

More than a zoo

conservation program bali safari park

Going on a safari adventure is more than looking at animals, which is only a portion of the experience. Walk around the open fields and interact with the local culture or cool off at the waterpark. Spending a day at the zoo will never be as rewarding as all you can do is look at animals from a great distance.

Here at Bali Safari Park, we provide a loving home to our animals. We are actively involved in conservation programs throughout Indonesia to ensure the safety and protection of our country’s endangered species. Visit our website to see what we have been up to.

Feeling adventurous? Try our Night Safari Adventure to experience wildlife in the dark. See our inclusions and start planning your trip to Bali Safari Park, a part of Taman Safari Indonesia.