Published November 24, 2022 | Activities, Animal Knowledge, Family, Love, Travel Tips, Wildlife

When the sun goes down, what activity goes into your mind? – Do the Night Safari at Bali Safari Park might be a nice choice to try. This is a special addition to our existing safari tour packages, which give you a peak at the night life of your favorite animals.


Let’s see what you will get and get ready for an unforgettable adventure on the Night Safari!

Walk-in Safari

Starting at 6 pm, the first tour is a walk-in safari which lead by the professional guide. You will walk along the road while see and learn nocturnal animals such as Binturong, Sumatran elephants and many more!

Night Safari Journey

The next one is the highlight of your night adventure, which is Night Safari Journey. Here you will ride a cage-tram and feed a nocturnal wildlife in the wilderness. Try feed a lion from a distance of 10cm in front of you, a tiger that will perch right above you and many other herbivorous animals.

night-safari-lion bali safari

From witnessing zebras, elephants, and giraffes interact with each other in the dark, to watching the king of the jungle. Also fierce tigers roaming free and approaching you as they please, your evening is guaranteed to be packed with exciting moments!

African Rhythm Fire Dance

After undergoing a nerve-wracking activity, you will be treated to a very attractive performance with the theme of African Rhythm Fire Dance.


Presented by professional performer, you will enjoy their spectacular fire dance performance accompanied with African-themed music.

Exclusive BBQ Dinner


After all those thrilling adventure, wrapping up your night with exclusive dinner at Nkuchiro Bar & Grill. In addition, enjoy a fine dining BBQ dinner near a lion exhibition for satisfy and pleasant your ambiance!

Make the most out of your time at Bali Safari Park by enjoying an unforgettable night adventure experience. Can’t wait already? Grab your ticket now!