Published May 10, 2019 | Animals, Wildlife

Reptiles are some of the most ancient creatures on our planet. Their scaly appearance is reminiscent of the giant dinosaurs that used to roam the Earth. They are highly resilient and can survive in many different types of environment.
Do you know a reptile when you see one? In this article we’ll outline the basic characteristics of reptiles that makes them unique to other species of animal.


What makes a Reptile?


iguana reptile bali safari


First, a bit of history. Reptiles are tetrapod animals, which means they share the nearest common ancestor to all living amphibians. One interesting fact, if you trace back tetrapod animals far enough, is that they actually evolved from lobe-finned fishes (though it remains a mystery which ancestor or species made the jump from ocean-based life to land based).
A characteristic that most reptiles share is that they are cold blooded animals. They regulate their body temperature based on their environment, which is why you often see Crocodiles or other reptiles seemingly just basking in the sun. Another trait of Reptiles, is that they lay eggs to give birth to their offspring. Reptiles lay what are called amniote eggs, which have special membranes and a protective shell to help their young survive.


Reptiles in Bali Safari Park


komodo dragon bali safari reptile


Bali Safari Park is home to a diverse number of Reptile species. They include the beautiful Iguanas and, most notably, the famous Komodo Dragon. The Komodo is an endemic Reptile from the Islands of Komodo in the Eastern Islands of Indonesia.
Reptiles are a unique and ancient species of animal that give us a glimpse of what wildlife was like long ago, in the Earth’s history. They’re also interesting to learn about as they provide insight into how animals today have evolved.
Learn more about the Reptiles at Bali Safari Park, including the Komodo Dragons!