Published December 23, 2019 | Animals, Wildlife

Bali Safari Park proudly announces another first for Bali – the striped hyena! A much maligned and misunderstood animal as evidenced by their portrayal in the animated film “Lion King” by Disney.

We invite you to visit Bali Safari Park, to get a different perception and deeper understanding of these fascinating and engaging animals.


Striped Hyenas in Bali

Hyenas are distributed across several regions ranging from in Africa, Asia, and even Siberia. They usually exist in several habitats such as deserts, bush land, grasslands, and tropical savanna. Hyenas are generally known as scavengers, but they can also hunt large animals such as sheep, goats, donkeys, and horses.

There are 4 types of hyena, namely striped hyena, spotted hyena, brown hyena, and aardwolf.

At Bali Safari Park we are excited to share with you the “Striped Hyena”. We will have 4 hyenas in total; two females, named Manama & Adliya, and two males, named Hamad & Riffa.

Known as being solitary hunters who divide into small groups (clans) to collect carcasses, they do live in small groups consisting of one female and several males.


Striped Hyenas in Bali Safari

Hyenas have several interesting features, namely the ability to digest parts of the body that cannot be digested by other animals such as toenails, horns, hair, and ligaments, and they can hear sounds that cannot be heard by humans They also use secretions from their anal glands to mark their territory. When threatened, the mane that extends down the center of their back can be made erect making them appear much larger and more intimidating to predators.

Striped hyenas are monogamous animals, with both males and females participating in the care of their pups.  Striped hyenas usually hide caves and dirt pits to avoid predators, and the heat, or cold.


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