Let’s explore the differences between The Turtle and Tortoise!

You must have known about these four-legged vertebrates with their scales-covering bodies called the turtle and tortoise! Yes, this reptiles are famous for its identical slow motion moves.

Included in the same Chelonian family, it turns out that not all turtles are tortoises, but all tortoises are turtles – How could that happen? Are you really interested in knowing the difference between them? If yes, then you are reading the right article.


aldabra giant tortoise | Bali Safari Park
Aldabra Giant Tortoise in Bali Safari

The easiest way to differentiate these two animals is to look at their habitat. Turtles are animals that live in water such as the sea and freshwater waters. While the Tortoises are animals that live on land such as forests, grasslands and sand dunes.

One importance note is, never try to put the tortoise in the water! It can lead to the death of them due to struggling in the water.


Tortoise generally have a bigger size than Turtle and also have a heavier weight due to the presence of a sturdy shell.

Tortoises usually weigh up to 550 200 kg while Turtles only reach up to 300 pounds. Aldabra Giant Tortoise is one of the largest type that is easy to find in Bali Safari Park along with the Pig Nose Turtle. Have you ever seen one of them?

Meet pignose turtle at bali safari
Pig Nose Turtle


Did you know besides having a different habitat, these two reptiles also have different diet?  Turtles belongs to omnivores that usually eat plants to small fish. While Tortoises are herbivores that eat vegetables and plants. The food consumed also usually depends on the location of the life of these two animals.


Having a slow metabolism, it’s no wonder that both turtles and tortoises have a long life span compared to other animals.

In the wild, turtles can live between 20-40 years and tortoises have a life span of up to 150 years! In captivity such as Bali Safari park, they can live longer because they are protected from predators.


In conclusion, there are significant differences between turtles and tortoises that are important to understand for anyone interested in these reptiles. Turtles are generally more aquatic and have flatter, streamlined shells, while tortoises are more terrestrial and have more dome-shaped shells. Understanding these differences can help in their care and conservation.

When it comes to experiencing turtles and tortoises up close, Bali Safari Park offers a unique opportunity to observe and learn about these incredible creatures. With a variety of turtle and tortoise species living in naturalistic habitats, visitors can witness firsthand the differences in their behavior, habitat preferences, and physical characteristics.

After know the difference between the two, aren’t you curious seeing them up close? No need to worry because you can see and even interact with these two animals at the Bali Safari Park. Let’s book the tickets immediately!