Published February 16, 2022 | Activities, Family, Love, Travel Tips

With many events and activities offered in Bali Safari, makes park becomes a popular travel destination for families.

For small families planning a travel to Bali Safari, especially those with young infants or babies, Bali Safari offers facilities and conveniences to make your travels as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

To accommodate our guests with babies, here are a list of facilities that are provided.

Traveling to Bali Safari with a Baby

Stroller parking and ramps

Bali Safari has a plethora of educational events and educational shows that require our visitors to be seated to enjoy the show. We have provided designated areas where our guests can park their strollers. Whether that’s to join one of the many animal presentations or just need a quick stop to rest with your baby.

Designed with ramps, the park have facilities to you. It’s to aid in navigating through the park for families with strollers or persons with disabilities.

Baby changing stations and Children Friendly restrooms

Traveling with the young one can become demanding especially with those unexpected diaper messes. Therefore we’ve furnished each bathroom with baby changing stations for the convenience of our visitors to use to clean up and change their young ones.

In addition, all restrooms are equipped with children friendly toilets and basins to wash-up.

Traveling to Bali Safari with a Baby

Family-friendly staff

Last but not least, you can always approach our Park Rangers who are all trained to assist and accommodate small families with babies and young infants. If you ever need help don’t hesitate to ask one of our Park Rangers anywhere in the park.

You can also ask them if you need any information regarding the animals. Guidance on where to go for the events in the park or anything in between as well.

Can you bring your baby to Bali Safari?

Yes, Bali Safari is more than happy to welcome its visitors of all ages. Especially our young visitors who are curious and excited to learn about the animals in Bali Safari Park.

With all the facilities and conveniences that we readily provide, traveling with an infant or baby to Bali Safari Park is a breeze and we encourage everyone to put Bali Safari Park in their agendas when they visit Bali!

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