Published December 16, 2022 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation, Environment, Wildlife

Largest from The Largest

Based on the Reptile Database there are more than 3,000 species of snakes. There are recorded as the largest snake in the world. Who are they? Let’s find out!

1. Green Anaconda

Green Anaconda comes from South America and is the main predator. Known as the king of snakes, they have large bodies and strong coils capable of squeezing their prey. This snake tends to live in swamps because it’s easier to move in the water.

Green Anaconda
Source: Google

By relying on sight, smell, and heat detection, almost no animal is safe from this snake’s target. Green anacondas are known for their cannibalistic tendencies. The larger size of the females makes them often dominate and eat the smaller males. However, this snake usually preys on wild boar, birds, and tapirs.

2. Reticulated Python

Reticulated Python
Source: Google

This snake is a reptile in the Pythonidae family. This reticulated python has a size that tends to be longer than the green anaconda. However, the green anaconda is wider and stronger than the reticulated python. Reticulated pythons use their sense of smell and infrared to locate prey, such as rats, wild boars, deer, and birds. This snake is known to be aggressive. That is why they are not popular as pet snakes.

3. Amethystine Python

The amethystine python (Morelia amethystine) can grow up to 27 feet long and 33 pounds in weight. The size of the female is usually larger than the male. This reptile lives in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. Its habitat includes tropical forests, savannas, and shrubs.

Amethystine Python
Source: Google

In the hunt, these snakes tend to wait, then attack with unforeseen speed and pounce on their unfortunate prey. Female amethystine pythons lay up to 20 eggs a season, and the number of these reptiles remains stable.

4. Burmese Python

The Burmese python (Python bivitattus) is one of the longest and largest snake species. These snakes master all terrain. They can hold their breath for up to 30 minutes in the water. That makes aquatic creatures insecure from the threat of this predator.

Burmese Python
Source: Google

Burmese pythons live a solitary life, only meeting during the spring to mate. The female lays up to 100 eggs, which is three months incubation period. Unfortunately, due to rampant hunting, this snake is considered an endangered species!

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