Published October 22, 2022 | Activities, Conservation, Environment, Family, Love, Travel Tips

Mara River Safari Lodge

Mara River Safari Lodge Balcony view, things you won't find anywhere except here

As the only thematic hotel with an African panorama in Bali, there are many things that you won’t find anywhere except here. Bali Safari hotel, the Mara River Safari Lodge has continuously served the guest with great services and hospitality combined with an exceptional view of Savannah Africa.

Are you there wondering, aren’t you? Let’s have a sneak peek into those things at Bali Safari Hotel:

1. African Savanna Panorama

stay in mara river safari lodge

Once you arrived in your cozy room, you’ll be wondering whether you are still in Bali or somewhere in Africa. We do believe that you won’t find this unique wonderful experience in Bali. Experience the natural wildlife of the African savannah throughout the day.

Here, you can observe African creatures such as Rhino, Zebra, Watussi, and many more. See how they live and interact with each other in harmony.

2. Animal Encounter

Girrafe Feeding for kids at Bali Safari Hotel

Not only admiring the beauty and uniqueness of our animals, but you can also come closer to them and interact with them. Enjoy a delightful and memorable experience by feeding our elephants, giraffes, meerkats, and even tigers with your own hand. Not only that, we also provide you with Kibo Express. It is where you will be picked up by an elephant in Kiboko Pool to have your breakfast at our Tsavo Lion Restaurant. Wow! How amazing it is!

3. Free Admission to the Park

Tiger Show

Our Mara River Safari Lodge is the best thematic hotel in Bali that provides the best accommodation and activities for the guest. Our lodge is in-ground with Bali Safari Park, the best Safari park in Bali. It is home to over a hundred species of animals and there are over thousands of animals here.

When you are staying in our lodge, you won’t ever get bored. Feel free to step your foot into the adventurous walking in our park. Go on through the Lion pride walk and start your exciting journey.

You can come to certain exhibits in the park and enjoy our educational shows, safari journey, animal feedings, and even 4×4 safari adventure.

Those are some of the great things you won’t find anywhere. It is only at the Bali Safari hotel. So, go mark your date now!