What will you imagine when you hear the word “predator” ? Ferocious and scary, that may be on your mind right now. Not only on the land, but in the waters have many types of dangerous predators as well!

Having point teeth and shapes, let’s take a peek at the freshwater predators that you can find especially at Fresh Water Aquarium Bali Safari Park!

Red Bellied Piranha


Have you ever watched the Piranha movie? Yes, this water predator that belongs to Amazon river already familiar to you. Known for its ferocity in killing prey, it’s no wonder that Piranhas have the title of being the deadliest fish in the world.

Well, besides being vicious, this water predator has the fastest record to finish its food in just seconds! In general, piranhas like to consume rodents, amphibians and even other fish such as catfish.

To see these predator in Bali Safari Park you can safely meet and even feed them up close!

Alligator Gar

Not a crocodile but a fish! This is the second freshwater predator that is no less ferocious. Alligator Gar is one of the largest fish in fresh water. Gars are often referred to as “living fossils” because they have retained some morphological characteristics of their early ancestors.


This maxi-fish is not related to alligators but has a broad head like a crocodile and razor-sharp teeth. Therefore, gars is classified as carnivore, that means they eat another animals. This fish’s favorite food is blue crab, turtles and small fish.


Often used as a pet fish, it turns out that the Arowana is a predator in wild waters! Having the nickname as a water monkey, this one predator can catch prey such as insects and birds by jumping from the water.


Having an aggressive nature, Arowana are very difficult to maintain in a pond. They require special care and diet because they consume amphibians, arthropods to other fish!

To see the water predators above, you don’t need to worry about your safety because you can meet them safely at the Bali Safari Park. Are you excited to meet them? let’s book the tickets here!