Bali is the marvelous island that provides an array of natural habitat and perfect to witness the wildlife. Having a close encounter with the unique creatures have made it into many travelers bucket lists.


As a home for more than hundred species, Bali Safari Park definitely the best stop for a true animal lovers. As part of Taman Safari Indonesia Group, we are so active in the conservation to protect animals in near extinction.

We aim to give animal lovers the chance to meet favorite animals personally! As well as while simultaneously educating those who are unaware of the threats our animals are facing.

Understand Better about the Wildlife

komodo dragon

All living things in the world want the same goal, which is to continue their offspring. No exception all the animals that live side by side by us. However, they can’t equalize how humans continue to usurp their right to life, intentionally makes their numbers keep dropping. They can’t say outright that they need help, it is our duty to keep alert about those conditions.

Having active roles in animal conservation programs, Bali Safari Park continously enhance more about the wildlife. Through continously conservation and breedings programs, lots of baby animals have been born.

It is very important for us to have a better understanding about the wildlife and know what they needs. So, in Bali Safari Park provides plenty programs comprise educative and entertaining purpose that can be understood by all parties.

Aviaries Breeding Programs

bali starling

Bali has its own indigenous birds called the Bali Starling, that currently in critically endangered status. Numerous efforts are being taken to preserve and grow the numbers of the Bali Starling in Bali Safari Park. In August 2019, Bali Safari Park released 40 more birds into the wild in the hopes that the population growth continues steadily.

This cases also a concern for all animal lovers to support Bali starling conservation on an ongoing basis. We, together have played a major parts in preserving an endangered species including the Bali Myna and other aviaries species.

We understand very well that animal lovers care deeply about the existence of all animal species in the world. With no exception, Bali Safari Park will continue to expand its resources and energy on conservation program. It is to ensure that we no longer see a near-extinction event in the future due to human activities.

We hope you are inspired by this article – hence, see our effort in animal conservation with your own eyes!