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In Hindu beliefs, there are lots amazing stories. More than that, it is closely related to natural conditions and world balance. Now we will discuse about Ganesha statues! Gods Ganesha is believe to bring good luck and thus he is worship before anything new is started.

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Ganesha is one of the popular gods in Hindu mythology and is the son of Gods Shiva. Ganesha became known in India around the 6th century. This god is know as the god of knowledge, a symbol of intelligence, repellent of all obstacles and happiness.

Ganesha Statue
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Base on religious concepts, Ganesha has power or magic which is manifest in the form of intelligence or buddhi. So, that Ganesha is also know as “buddhipriya” or husband of intelligence. In Hindu belief, the Ganesha statue can wards off danger and symbolizes happiness. That’s why Ganesha statues can be found in various places in Bali.


In wayang stories, he’s called Bhatara Gana, because he acts as the leader of the gana. Gana is Shiva’s bodyguard. In the wayang tradition, Gana is a hero who defeats the asuras who want to occupy the heavens of the gods.

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In several books from India, this god is mention as having the following main characteristics. Elephant-headed, four-armed with one hand holding an ekadanta (his own broken ivory). His left hand holding a parasu (battle axe), and the other two holding padma (padma) and modaka (sweetmeats). They have red body like a kunkuma and it sits on a mouse, sometimes depicted sitting on a lion.

There are so many lessons that we can take from various ancient mythologies. Not only animals, but also all living things have a very meaningful meaning in the world. Let’s learn about acculturation of culture and animals with Bali Safari Park!