Not only a place for education and recreation, Bali Safari Park also focuses on conserve the endangered animals.

Here, our park is inhabited by more than 100 exotic species of animals. That’s including the elephants which there are so many and big eater!

poo paper

Elephant can eat almost 200 until 250 kg everyday, and for your note that’s only for one individu. Imagine if there will be more than 20 elephants live in here, how much poos they can produce? That is totally everyone concern so Bali Safari Park suggest those poos can be recycle into something useful such as a paper!

Named as Safari Poo Paper, this factory will teach you how to make a recycle paper by the elephant poos. You are not only see how it is made, but you can also try how the procedure itself. Not only that! Straight up come to the field, learn how to collect the poos and interact with elephants through BTS Junior Mahout.


Did you know why elephant poos is chosen? That because it is very fibrous. It comprises 60% undigested food, which is a good material for a paper. As you know, elephants don’t chew their food out but swallow it straight away. This makes the elephant’s food not digested properly. In addition, elephants produce quite a lot of poos in a day.

Elephant poos that is good for recycling paper is fresh elephant poos or the one that has just come out. Later, the results of this poo paper can be made into several crafts such as envelopes, books, notes and much more.

Starting from the initial stage of washing and boiling the poos to drying the almost finished paper, you can try this fun experience firsthand in Kampung Gajah Area. While learning to make recycled paper, you can also watch elephants up close. In addition, this activity is also a good educational experience for children.

The one left is to book your tickets right away! And finally you will able to experience a Safari Poo Paper on the factory in Bali Safari Park!