Giraffes are wonderful and incredible-looking animal with a long neck, sleek legs, and beautiful spots on its body.

The unique of this long neck mammals are every individuals don’t have the same patterns. Every of them is different, just like how two people never have the same fingerprints!


There are four species of giraffe in the world, can you mentions all of them? Let’s learn together! First, there’s Masai Giraffe that lives on the border between Kenya and Tanzania. Then there’s the Reticulated Giraffe, and Southern Giraffe that lives in countries like Botswana. The last is the Northern Giraffe, which dominates much of the north of Africa.

Sadly, over the past few years the numbers of giraffe decreasing gradually due to loss of habitat, poaching and increase in human settlements. This tall African hoofed mammal’s extinction, are indeed become a concerns.

Therefore, World Giraffe Day came into existence to protect giraffes and their habitats across the world! It is a day of observance when you can really put your neck out!

What is World Giraffe Day?


The day was actively initiated by Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) to highlight the problems giraffe face in their natural habitat. Every year on 21th June, we celebrate this annual event to help raise the awareness and supports of this mammals.

According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the status of giraffes facing ‘vulnerable to extinction’ status in 2016. The number of Masai Giraffe in Africa has surprisingly dropped by up to 30% over the last 30 years!

It would be a tragedy if giraffes were to go extinct in the wild. Not only are they a friendly species, but they’re also an inspiration. Do you want this thing going to happen?

Let’s Make a Difference!


This silent extinction is happening before our eyes, but we can still turn this around if we start acting now! Whether you’re learn through book, or enjoy hanging out and interacts with our necky friends at Bali Safari Park.

We also excited to tell you the latest update about Corona, our giraffe which born during Pandemic in early 2020. Stay tune on our social media Instagram!

All of you have an importance roles to help preserve this long-neck mammals. Are you ready to make a difference with Bali Safari Park? Happy World Giraffe Day, safari lovers!