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Goose is one of the largest water birds that can fly. Goose eats both on land and water. Now we will discuss about The Elegance And Loyalty Of Goose.

The Elegance and Loyalty of Goose

Many people take a pair of Goose to make analogy of true love as they are very loyal and much talking protecting their partners in elegant way. Classified as Monogamy animals, the male help build nests which is located one meter near the waters.



Goose (Cygnus olor) is an aquatic bird that is widespread in Europe and Asia, and partly spreads to Australasia and Africa. If you want to know more about Goose you can click here.

Some of the different habitats that they live in include lakes, ponds, streams, marshes, wetlands, and more. Many species of goose also inhabit public parks, farms and pastures, and other urban areas.


Having big body, they can weigh up to 3,7- 4,7 kg, with a body length of 60 inch! Goose having pure white fur, although there may be a little brownish yellow stain on the head and neck because of the iron and tannin substances in the water.

The size of the male is always larger than the female. They produce 5-6 eggs after the breeding season, with an incubation period of 35-48 days! In the wild, they have lifespan 40 years and can live longer in conservation institution such as Bali Safari Park.

Source: Pixabay

Diet & Behaviors

Seen from the majority diets, they are herbivores, although sometimes they eat small aquatic animals.

They are more territorial when defending their nests and protecting their spouses and families. Although famous for being quiet, they can hiss and be ready to attack aggressively when they see a threat. Usually they attack with their strong wings and also peck the enemy thanks to their long flexibel necks.

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