Today, on July 3, 2024, Taman Safari Bali celebrates Meerkat Day, honoring and appreciating these extraordinary creatures. Let’s explore the world of meerkats and understand their unique qualities as the tiny guardians of Taman Safari Bali.

Facts about Meerkat

Unique Funfact of Meerkats

Meerkats, also known as suricates, are small mammals native to the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. They are known for their social nature and unique behaviors. Here are some qualities that make meerkats special:

  1. Strong Social Life: Meerkats live in large groups called clans or mob, typically consisting of 20 to 50 individuals. Additionally, they are highly social and cooperate in everything from foraging to guarding the group from predators.
  2. Watchful Guard System: One unique trait of meerkats is their guard system. While other members forage for food, some meerkats stand tall in high places to watch for predators. Consequently, they alert the group if there is any danger, thus protecting them from attacks.
  3. Intelligence and Communication: Meerkats have excellent communication skills, using a variety of calls to warn about danger or signal food discoveries.
  4. Adaptation to the Environment: Meerkats are resilient; therefore, they survive in the harsh desert by digging burrows for shelter from the sun and predators.
  5. Collaborative Childcare: All group members participate in caring for young meerkats. This includes babysitting and teaching essential survival skills.
  6. Varied Diet: Meerkats are omnivores, eating insects, small reptiles, fruits, and scorpion. Consequently, this helps them thrive in harsh environments.
  7. Exceptional Digging Skills: They are skilled diggers, creating complex underground tunnel networks for homes, protection, and food storage.
  8. Morning Sunbathing: Meerkats sunbathe in the morning to warm up and observe surroundings for potential threats.
  9. Clear Social Hierarchy: Groups have dominant leaders, usually meerkat groups are led by female meerkats who are more dominant because they are matriachs.
  10. Collective Sleeping Patterns: Meerkats sleep in groups in underground burrows. This provides warmth and safety.


Meerkat Day at Taman Safari Bali celebrates their existence and role in the ecosystem. They are extraordinary creatures with complex social lives and intelligent behaviors. Today, let’s celebrate and learn more about these tiny guardians at Taman Safari Bali.