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Pearl Gourami Habitat

Pearl Gourami originates in Thailand, Malaysia, Islands of Borneo and Sumatra. They prefer acidic water found in lowland swamps near the sea. Accustomed to heavy vegetation in their natural habitat, pearl gouramis will thrive if given similar conditions in the aquarium Floating plants, subdued lighting, and a dark substrate are ideal.

Pearl Gourami
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Although they prefer soft, acidic water, they are adaptable to a range of water conditions. This adaptability and their peaceful nature make them well suited to community tanks.

Gender Differences

Male pearl gouramis have thinner, more angular bodies than females. They also have slightly different fins, sport a red breast, and are generally more colorful than females. Adult males are easy to distinguish from the females by their deep red-orange coloration on the throat and breast. Another clue is the dorsal fin which is longer and more pointed on the male than the female. When ready to spawn, the female will have a much plumper body than the male.

Male & Female Fish
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Pearl gouramis will accept many foods and are generally quite easy to feed. Flake, freeze-dried, and frozen foods are all readily taken. For optimum health, offer fresh vegetables such as lettuce, cooked peas, and spinach as part of a varied diet. Live foods such as blackworms, brine shrimp, and glass worms are a good treat and should be used when conditioning fish for breeding.

Pearl Gourami Reproduction

Pearl Gourame Breeding
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Breeding is relatively simple. The process begins when the male builds a bubblenest of up to 10 inches in diameter amid the floating plants. As the female approaches the nest, both fish can be see touching each other with their feelers. During spawning, the male wraps his body around the female who will release hundreds of eggs.

The male then tends to the eggs until they hatch. After approximately four days, all of the fry (baby fish) will be free swimming.

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