Published May 13, 2023 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation

Meet the aquatic mammal that is good at swimming and The Flat-tailed Hero, Otters.

This animal has a long tail and mustache. The otters is a species of aquatic mammal and is an omnivore. This unique animal is a good swimmer, with a slender body, webbed feet and thick fur that helps keep it warm. They can hold their breath for several minutes while diving to catch fish, crustaceans and other prey.

Meet otters at Bali Safari Park's Rainforest Trail
Source : Freepik

Otters have a unique activity in that they like to chew on trees. But what many people don’t know is that otters always use parts of the trees they fell to become part of their habitat. They eat buds, bark, and leaves before gnawing branches and trunks into smaller pieces to build on.

Otter Activity for Ecosystem balance

There is an interesting fact about this rodent. They can build the largest dam in Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada with a length of 850 meters. The dams they build are useful for preventing floods and droughts, and even help clean water. For this reason, some in the animal-loving community refer to otters as “flat-tailed heroes”.

Otters also have a day of celebration called “World Otter Day”. It aims to celebrate and raise awareness of the need to conserve and maintain the ecosystems of these rodents.

It’s interesting to learn more about otters. Have you ever seen this animal up close? Come to Bali Safari and meet many adorable animals there!