Aside for its unique traditions and scenery, India also one of the country that have various endemic animals. To see and enjoy all the species of this subcontinent, you don’t have to bother going to their home!

In Bali Safari Park, we have an exhibit which is similar to their home named Rathambore Area. Through this article, let’s learn together all the Indian animals you can see there!

The White Tiger


If tigers are generally famous for their orange-black stripes, have you ever seen the white one? Once you enter the gates of Rathambore, on the left side you will find a tiger that may be unfamiliar. Yes, they are “a bleached tiger” or well known as The White Tiger!

They have white fur caused by a lack of the pigment pheomelanin, which is found in Orange Bengal Tigers. More comparison, The White Tiger also tend to grow faster and heavier!

Reticulated Python

The next animals you probably know existing in India is the snakes. Easily found all over the world, the most common types is the Reticulated Python. The term “reticulated” means ‘net-like’ referring to its skin pattern.

This snake has a dark color scheme and tends to be easy to disguise with trees. So prepare your sight while you looking for them!

The Asian Palm Civet

Luwak, or Asian Palm Civet is the next animal you can see, either outside and inside Rathambore. They a viverrid native to South and Southeast Asia such as India.


Along with a furry body, they have small ears, shiny eyes, and cute whiskers. Wild civets are not tamed easily but pet ones can be very affectionate! Prepare your sight because they like to hide!

That’s all for the Indian Animals you can see at Rathambore in Bali Safari Park. Apart from those already mentioned, we have also have new animal that everyone has been waiting for! Well, it wouldn’t be fun if we told you guys right now. Stay tuned for our exciting news on our social media!