Published June 24, 2024 | Activities, Animal Knowledge, Animals

Have you ever heard about “umbrella species”?
These are selected for conservation-related decisions because their protection indirectly affects the safeguarding of other wildlife within their ecosystem. The concept was first proposed as a way to manage ecosystems and protect many animals by focusing on just one.

Jaguar as an umbrella species

Jaguar, The Umbrella Species

The Jaguar is the largest feline in the American continent and the third largest in the world. They play an important role in maintaining the structure and function of the ecosystems they inhabit. As top predators, they help keep a balance in the food chain where they live, controlling the populations of other animals and promoting healthy ecosystems.

Jaguars are considered ‘umbrella species’ because by protecting the broad swaths of habitat they require for survival, numerous other creatures are also protected. A jaguar-focused conservation strategy can serve as an effective measure for the coexistence of many other animals. Proper conservation of jaguars contributes to the preservation and protection of ecosystems and biodiversity interconnected with this animal.

How to choose an umbrella species?

A species can be classified as an umbrella species if it is wide-ranging and requires significant land area. Protecting such animals offers protection to others that share the same habitat. By safeguarding an animal with large land area needs, more habitat can be preserved. Using larger animals also has the added benefit of being easier for scientists to track.

Why do umbrella species matter?

These animals usually have large habitats, and thus, their conservation covers a wide range of habitats and indirectly supports the entire ecosystem. By focusing on saving such keystone animals, we can also save other endangered wildlife and plants that live in the same area.


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