Published December 14, 2022 | Activities, Animal Knowledge, Animals, Celebrate

Monkeys are interesting creatures – funny, and mischievous. Many primate species are also endangered, which is why there is Monkey Day. The day dedicated to raising awareness about non-human primates. Let’s learn together!

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What is Monkey Days

Monkey Day was created to celebrate monkeys, which includes lemurs, tarsiers, apes and other non-human primates. The monkey population around the world is recorded as many as 262 species, of which half have experienced extinction.

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This is an important reason why this day needs to be celebrated every year. With this celebration, the public can disseminate information more widely in order to increase awareness of the importance of giving love and protecting monkeys from extinction. Not only that, this moment is also useful to encourage more community participation to protect the environment and prevent damage that will impact the survival of all living things, including humans.

History of Monkey Day


Monkey Day, it is important to know the background and history of this event. This event began in 2000, starting from an exciting and interesting art activity, it turns out that this day is growing. Currently, this special day is an important commemoration to raise awareness of the threat to the life and population of monkeys around the world.

How to Celebrate Monkey Day

To celebrate monkey day you can visit Bali Safari Park. You can spend time meeting monkeys and various other animals. Get education about animals at Bali Safari to know wild life more closely.

Farewell Bon-Bon

Another way to celebrate this day is to not have monkeys as a pet or support monkey circus. Instead you can keep your environment clean by cleaning the river, not throwing garbage carelessly. Plant trees to help reforestation. Or you can watch a film based on this primate! There are so many types of monkey movies. If you want to celebrate at your home, you might consider inviting all your friends over and watching movies like King Kong, Planet of the Apes, and Lady Iron Monkey, etc.