Published March 21, 2023 | Activities, Celebrate, Environment

On March 21, 2023, Bali Safari Park took action through “Forest and Healthy”. The action was carried out to commemorate International Forest Day which falls every year on March 21.


Source: PX

Each year more than 13 million hectares (32 million acres) of forests are lost, an area roughly the size of England. As go the forests, so goes the plant and animal species that they embrace – 80% of all terrestrial biodiversity. Most importantly, forests play a critical role in climate change: deforestation results in 12-18 percent of the world’s carbon emissions – almost equal to all the CO2 from the global transport sector.Equally crucial, healthy forests are one of the world’s primary ‘carbon sinks.

Today, forests cover more than 30% of the world’s land and contain more than 60,000 tree species, many as of yet unidentified. Forests provide food, fiber, water and medicines for approximately 1.6 billion of the world’s poorest people, including indigenous peoples with unique cultures.

The Important of Forest

Forests are the lungs of the Earth

Forests are like giant, green sponges all over the globe, through which our Earth breathes. Trees and plants take in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen, cleaning our air.

The world needs wood

And not just for construction, paper, furniture, etc. As the world’s population grows, with it the hunger for energy. Currently wood accounts for approximately 45 % of the world’s renewable energy supply. Encouraging and modernizing this industry can help find new and sustainable ways to produce bioenergy.

Healthy forests mean a healthy environment

Forests trap carbon to prevent global warming. They stabilize the climate, control atmospheric temperatures, protect watershed areas, regulate the water cycle, and enrich the soil. That’s not all that forests do for our environment!

A Small Step To Save The Forest Together

Did you know that with a small step, we can already participate in International Day of forest? We can help to protect the environment even in small project.

International Day of Forest

As a small step for the mission of saving the forest and maintaining environmental stability. The action is to collect trash like bottle caps and turn it into a masterpiece. Located at Ganesha chord, by inviting  the community from Bali Life Foundation. We made a campaign with the theme of trees. Have the meaning of holding the earth by utilizing this plastic waste. The first activity started with a safari journey and then continued with various animal education, the children looked very enthusiastic, especially when they met various animals in the park. After completing this exciting activity, the children expressed their creativity in plywood that had been shaped like a tree and then affixed with plastic bottle caps. Hopefully this small event held at Bali Safari Park can make us aware of the importance to protecting the forest and the natural surroundings.

Therefore, we hope that through this action, we can make everyone aware and can take small actions to save the forest. You also have an important role to play in changing this planet for a better future!