Published May 19, 2023 | Activities, Travel Tips

The Bali Safari complex is in no shortage of activities for our guests to indulge and participate in. We have a selection of educational and engaging activities for you family to list on your agendas for your trip to Bali.



Stay overnight in Mara River Safari Lodge located conveniently within the Bali Safari Park’s grounds. Treat your family to a magical safari setting with animal sounds such as the lion’s roars and elephant’s trumpets in the distance.

This immersive experience makes for a truly memorable experience. The complex also contains the Tsavo Lion Restaurant that will have you and your family dine with the King of the Jungle.

Bali Agung Show

The Bali Agung Show is an indoor theatrical performance that showcases the rich cultural history and traditions of Bali.

With over 150 performers it is truly comprehensive performance that fuses old traditions with modern sophisticated lighting and sounds setups that makes for a memorable experience for your family.

Night Safari



Some animals are nocturnal, meaning they are only active at night. If you want to catch a glimpse of these animals, we suggest that you sign up for the Bali Night Safari Package.

Which will take you on a specially made tram that will take you to witness the animals at night.

You may even have the opportunity to hand feed the animals with the help of our trained rangers. Along with the night safari journey, this package also includes a stunning rhythm fire show and a buffet BBQ dinner for your family to enjoy.

Safari 4×4 Adventure


You can also take a closer look at the animals in their natural habitat by taking the Bali Safari Park 4×4 program. The 4×4 tour will take you through the different habitats of the animals witness them in their natural state. This also includes an audience for the various animal presentations conducted by our knowledgeable park rangers.

Bali Safari is packed with events and activities for our guests and visitors to participate in.  This list is just a few of the favorite selections that our visitors have come to love, with many more once you step into the immersive experience in Bali Safari Park.