Published May 19, 2024 | Activities, Celebrate, Conservation, Love

Hi Safari Lovers! Taman Safari Bali, joyfully hosted the sacred Tumpek Kandang ceremony on Saturday, May 18, 2024. Celebrated every six months on Saniscara (Saturday) Kliwon Wuku Uye, this ceremony holds profound significance in Balinese culture, expressing gratitude and reverence to animals for their crucial role in human life.

Expressing Gratitude: Gebogan Offerings to Wildlife

Gebogan at Tumpek Kandang Ceremony

During this special occasion, Taman Safari Bali expressed its appreciation to all the animals inhabiting its habitat through a sacred ceremony that highlighted the presentation of “gebogan,” a traditional Balinese offering made from various fruits and vegetables, symbolizing gratitude and appreciation towards the animals.

The Tumpek Kandang ceremony at Taman Safari Bali commenced with a prayer procession led by a Pemangku. Animal keepers, employee representatives, and enthusiastic visitors attended the event. Not only humans, but the animals of Taman Safari Bali also participated in this ceremony. Some of the animals involved in the procession included Hyenas, Binturongs, Bayan Cockatoos, Bali Cattle, Ponies, Iguanas, Elephants, and Orangutans. Their presence added to the vibrancy of the event.

Fostering Harmony: Humans and Animals in Unity

Human with animals in unityDuring the prayer procession, the animals were blessed and sprinkled with holy water. Despite displaying varied reactions, the animals appeared calm, seemingly understanding the significance behind the prayer procession. This moment further enriched the spiritual value in the harmonious bond between humans and animals at Taman Safari Bali.


“We proudly celebrate the Tumpek Kandang ceremony, a cultural heritage that we hold in high regard as a testament to our dedication to caring for and honoring the animals under our care,” expressed Jesica Helena, Operation Manager Taman Safari Bali.

The climax of this celebration was when the arranged gebogan was directly given to the animals. This procession symbolizes the reciprocity for the vital role animals play in maintaining ecosystem balance and enriching human life experiences. Ceremony participants and visitors of Taman Safari Bali joyfully and eagerly observed the animals indulging in the fruits and vegetables of the gebogan with utmost delight and joy.

Commitment to Conservation: Taman Safari Bali’s Pledge

Through the organization of the Tumpek Kandang ceremony, Taman Safari Bali reaffirms its commitment to conservation, education, and the welfare of all living beings. This ceremony is not only a part of our cultural tradition. This also serves as a reminder of our responsibility to protect and appreciate the existence of wildlife, who are also our fellow inhabitants on this planet. Experience the beauty of nature and the richness of Balinese culture by visiting Taman Safari Bali. Join us in our mission to protect and preserve wildlife for future generations to enjoy.