Today, on July 3, 2024, Taman Safari Bali celebrates Shingo’s 9th birthday. Shingo, a male giraffe at our park, was born on July 3, 2015. He is cherished for his towering stature and gentle demeanor, captivating visitors with his majestic presence.

Singho Birthday

Shingo’s Journey at Taman Safari Bali

Since infancy, Shingo has been an integral part of the Taman Safari Bali family. Born to Sophie, a beloved giraffe icon, Shingo has grown into a graceful and charismatic adult. He captivates visitors with his elegant movements and charming personality.

Raising Awareness for Giraffe Conservation

Moreover, Shingo’s presence at Taman Safari Bali raises awareness about giraffe conservation. By observing his life and learning more about this species, visitors are encouraged to support wildlife conservation efforts. Taman Safari Bali is the only place in Bali where visitors can see giraffes. Shingo, born at Taman Safari Bali, has grown into a mature male giraffe, standing nearly 5 meters tall; in the wild, they can reach up to 6 meters. Currently, Shingo has a partner named Azzanti, and we hope they will soon have offspring to contribute to the giraffe population.

Special Moment: Interacting with Shingo

A highlight at Taman Safari Bali is the opportunity to interact directly with Shingo. Visitors can feed him, get closer to nature, and create lasting memories.

Future with Shingo

Taman Safari Bali proudly celebrates Shingo’s 9th birthday. His journey from a curious calf to a park pillar is remarkable. We are proud to have you as part of our family. We look forward to many more years with you.


Come visit Taman Safari Bali and join us in celebrating Shingo’s 9th birthday. Experience the magic of getting close to one of nature’s most extraordinary creatures and make memories that will last a lifetime.