Published February 26, 2022 | Activities, Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation, Endangered

Did you know that there is a type of bird that is famous for having a beautiful green feathers? – Called Green Peacock, get to know more about this glamorous birds that you can find in Bali Safari Park!

meet green peacock at bali safari

Green Peacock Origins

Native to tropical forests in southeast asia, the Green Peacock (Pavo muticus) can easily be found in India, Myanmar, Thailand the Islands of Java Indonesia.

The population of this bird is also scattered in open grassland forests. The green peacock has a life span up to 20 years.


They are larger birds amongst the largest living galliforms in terms of overall size. Green peacocks have lighter-bodied than the wild turkey, and are perhaps the longest extant, wild bird in total length.

Despite having a fairly large size, the green peacock is a bird that is good at flying over short distances.

They are identical in their golden-green color. The male Green Peafowl is a vivid emerald green with a tint of blue on the head and neck. While the female’s color is a dull green with a small amount of gray.

Interesting Facts

One fact you should know is that they are actually polygamous animals! One male usually lives with more than one female at a time.

On the breeding season, the male one will spread its green tail in front of the female while bowing to steal the attention. At the same time, they will make a noise sound similar to the rooster.

IUCN status

Currently, the green peacock has an endangered status on the IUCN red list. Their population decrease due to hunting and reduction in the extent and quality of habitat, as well as poaching.

Bali Safari Park, as the first animal conservation institute in Bali, still continues to preserve these unique animals so they still can be seen in the wild.

These birds are free to roam in the Bali Safari Park area. Let’s try to find them while you are on safari! Get the ticket immediately!