Published September 1, 2021 | Activities, Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation, Love, Wildlife

Meet the Meerkats Mob!! You’ll most likely find meerkats in South African plains, or here at Bali Safari Park (lucky you!). We are small mammals the part of mongoose family.

Our name comes from the Afrikaans, a Dutch population of South Africa – bet you didn’t know that about us!

Meerkats head and body length is around 24–35 cm (9.4–13.8 inches) and weight is typically between 0.62 and 0.97 kg (1.4 and 2.1 lb), hence they got the ‘small mammal’ title.

meerkats mammal bali safari marine park

The meerkat is primarily an insectivore, feeding heavily on beetles and lepidopterans; it can additionally feed on eggs, amphibiansarthropods (such as scorpions, to whose venom they are immune), reptiles, small birds (such as the southern anteater-chat), plants and seeds.

We are iconic for one thing: standing upright on our hind legs turning our head from side to side. Surely you’ve seen us do this on TV commercials many times?

We are social animals, love being around each other! We are live, work, and play in small groups. Our communities are made up of small families. We hunt for food in these groups, but we feast alone.

Meerkats prefer stay in cool burrows that protect us from the scorching sun in Africa, but our coats prevent us from overheating. We also have a dark band around our eyes which diminishes the sun glare and helps us see bird predators (hawks and eagles) coming down from on high. At night, we rely wholly on our perfect eyesight.

Do you want to be one of the meerkat mob? Come and join our new animal encounter at Bali Safari Park. We offer a new experience to allow you to get closer with these amazing animals. During this encounter, the keeper will guide you inside the exhibit to allow you to sit with and feed these curious and playful animals.

The meerkat encounter happens every day at 11.00 – 15.00 at our amazing meerkat exhibit located right next to our award-winning Tsavo Lion Restaurant.

The cost is IDR 125,000 per slot, maximum three people per slot. Children below 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

We only open 10 slots every day! So don’t miss it.

Bali Safari Park offers you a wildlife adventure to suit your individual needs! Book now and start your Safari adventure.