Published March 20, 2022 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation, Endangered, Wildlife

Often illustrate as cute characters in animation such as the character “Pooh” on Winnie The Pooh. Did you know what kind of animal is that? That cute main character is the Bear!

In Bali Safari Park, there’s two species of bears which is the Sun Bear and the Himalayan Black Bear – Now, we will tell you to learn the differences between these two.

The Sun Bear in Bali Safari Park

Body Size

Well known as the largest bear in Asia, The Himalayan Black Bear has body length about 165 cm with a weight of up to 120 kg. On fall season, they will gain up to 180 kg to be ready for a long hibernation!

In contrast, the Sun Bear is the smallest bear in Asia. Its body length is about 140 cm with a weight of up to 65 kg. They do not do hibernation like bears who live in the four seasons.

The Himalayan Bear in Bali Safari Park

More Characteristic

In addition to body size, the differences can be seen from their fur and nose. The Himalayan Black Bear has longer and thicker fur, with a light brown muzzle-shaped nose. While the Sun Bear has shorter and smoother fur, and a relatively wide nose but not too muzzle.

Unique Chest Pattern

The Himalayan Black Bear has unique crescent moon pattern on its chest. That’s probably the reason why they being called as “the moon bear”. In contrast to the Sun Bear has a yellow sun pattern on its chest just like their name.

The Sun Bear Pattern

The color patterns that can be seen of these two are relatively different. The Himalayan colors are pale yellow to white, while the Sun one is more orangish.


Himalayan Black Bear change their habit from diurnal to nocturnal, where’s their habitat is in Himalayas and near forest.

Unlike the Sun Bear which originally a nocturnal animal, they live in the tropical rain forest in Southeast Asia. They like to spend time on the ground and climb trees in search of food.

They both are listed as Vulnerable according to the IUCN Red List. To maintain their decreasing numbers in the wild, we can’t just stay still.

Bali Safari Park, as the conservation program help to preserve these animal to see them living freely in the wild. Come and join us, let’s get involved in animal welfare!