When you are standing on the open nature, try take a moment looking at the sky. The flying fowl will surely pass your sight right? Yes, that is what we called as a birds!


Have a variety of beautiful colors, birds have become very popular among the people. One of them which is certainly very much adored is the Eclectus Parrot! – Let’s discuss a few minutes together to admire this birds!


Exists in almost every part of the world, it turns out that the Eclectus Parrot comes from the Solomon Islands in the south Pacific. Some subspecies also subsist in Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea as well.

In the wild, they usually nidificate in rainforest canopies, groves of trees in savanna and eucalyptus forests.

Gender Stark Difference


You will notice right away the difference between the male and female of them! This is known as dimorphism, where the same species exhibits difference characteristic which not directly involved in reproduction.

As with this parrot, male one have bright green plumage with blue-red markings on their wings and belly. On the opposite, female has bright red fur with blue-purple hues around the belly and wings. A very simple way to distinguish, right?

Live In Groups


At night, this birds will form a herd perched on a tree with a total of up to 80 individuals in one group!

To communicate with their flocks, they are categorized as noisy birds. They like to sing in a shrill and bell-like voice. Sometimes, you can also hear them making a ‘chu-wee’ sound!

IUCN Status


Having a lifespan of 30-40 years, the Eclectus Parrot is classified as Least Concern according to the IUCN Red List. However, in the wild their numbers may continue to decrease due to hunting for their beautiful fur, being caught as pets and starting to lose their natural habitat.

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