Holiday season may be over soon – but it wont stop you to go for a getaway even if reality hits you hard!

Boost your spirits through memorable safari activities at Bali Safari Park to complete your days! Lets see what activities that you can do to help lift up your mood!

Elephant Ride


Spend your time exploring safari area with the world’s largest land mammal at Kampung Gajah! A short ride, 10 minutes ride and more longer 30 minutes ride available for you to enjoy the African Panorama.

Not only at Kampung Gajah, you also can enjoy a short track around Water Play Zone with our elephants!

Fun Zone

After strolling around the park to see animals, try a various fun rides at Fun Zone area. Go Go Bouncer, where this octopus-shaped ride will bring you a quick spin as it moves up and down.

You are also obliged to try the Spinning Coaster, a ride with two passenger seats facing each other. It will go through a very fast and winding roller coaster, dare to try? These fun rides will surely pump up your adrenaline and give you a thrilling sensation!

Orangutan Playground

Baby Orangutans in Bali Safari

To help you treasure a beautiful memory, we adjust the Baby Orangutan Playground, a large living space without any restraints.

Cherry, George and Bruno – the Baby Orangutan, will playing freely and greet you at Banyan courts with joy. Along with a keeper, try to interact more with them by waving your hands or take a picture together!

Elephant Bathing


More activities of the elephants – it makes you feel refreshed just by looking at their behavior splashing the water. Located at Ganesha area, the light bathing of our elephants can you see every day start at 2 pm!

You can interact with this big eater up close by taking pictures together and even feed them with your own hand.

Bali Safari Park provides various memorable activities that will complete your weekend. Don’t think too hard, set your agenda and let’s spend your holiday with Bali Safari Park!