Published August 2, 2019 | Animals, Conservation, Elephant

On June 29th through July 3rd, 2019 Taman Safari Group held the “Elephant Husbandry & Welfare Training”. As a member of Taman Safari Indonesia, Bali Safari Park also participated in the event on Tuesday, Jul 2nd, 2019. The Elephant Husbandry & Welfare Training program worked together with experts in the field. These included Elephant hormone analyst from the Smithsonian Conservation of Biology Institute, Dr. Janine L. Brown, as well as Dr. Charchote Thitaram from the Centre of Elephant and Wildlife Research in Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Their combined cooperation and research aim to share scientific knowledge with the team at Bali Safari Park regarding Elephants in relation to the tourism industry.




This event was also held to demonstrate Bali Safari’s commitment as a conservation agency in pursuit of the protection and preservation of wildlife, with specific emphasis on Elephants.

For the duration of the training program, two experts with over 30 years of experience in the field of Elephant study also came to study and inspect the facilities and management care for the Elephants in Bali Safari Park. Among the topics discussed during their scientific observation, were research regarding hormones to determine the proper breeding programs. The discussion also shed light on various physical and mental health aspects of Elephants, which included discussing identifying early signs of stress on Elephants and ways to promote healthier well-being for the animals.




The two experts were satisfied by the condition of the Elephants in Bali Safari Park due to the facilities that are conducive for the Elephant’s health and well-being. The Elephants were able to play, interact and group together with a healthy mix of adults, females and ages in between. It is believed that the better the environment mimics their natural habitats, the better their chance to live a fulfilling and healthy life.

With this training program, Taman Safari Indonesia Group, including Bali Safari, hopes to be the pioneer in managing the care and conservation of animals in Bali and Indonesia. In this manner, Bali Safari Park has successfully demonstrated our commitment to our dedication of preserving wildlife with an international standard and to set an example for other institutions to follow.