Do you know that elephants are intelligent animals and have good long-term memory? They are even able to remember the faces of humans who have spent time with them, and can remember places they have visited even just once, you know!

The Sumatran elephant, which is native to Indonesia, belongs to the Asian elephant subspecies. This proboscis animal is endemic to the island of Sumatra, which means that its natural habitat is only spread on the island of Sumatra.

At Bali Safari Park, one of the Sumatran Elephants name Poppy is having a birthday! – Born on January 22 2014, Poppy is now even 9 years old and has grown into a smart adult elephant.


To celebrate Poppy’s birthday, Bali Safari Park invites animal friends to celebrate Poppy’s birthday. Inviting little animal friends from the foundation community, the series of activities that were celebrate out on Sunday, January 22, 2023 were very exciting.

Poppy’s Birthday Activity

The first activity begins with activities that invite friends to play an active role in caring for elephants. Starting from bathing, to learning about proper feeding. The little animal friends then made an enrichment for Poppy’s birthday. The enrichment is in the form of a mystery box containing Poppy’s favorite foods, namely vegetables and fruits.

Mystery box for Poppy,s

To please Poppy the Elephant, animal friends seem very enthusiastic about being creative. When the mystery box was giving to Poppy, she looked very happy and kept waving her trunk at her animal friends! Apart from the mystery box, animal friends also sang Happy Birthday to Poppy together.

Poppy’s successful birth anniversary is one of the successes of conservation in Bali Safari Park. Of course, this cannot be separated from the support of animal friends. Let’s pray together that Poppy will have a long life so that later she can meet all her animal friends.

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