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Named as Smoke Falls because the tiny water flow is sprayed by the wind before it touches the ground. However, depending on the season, it can be complete dry. In Bahia, Brazil. It was believed to be the country’s highest waterfall une 353 m tall Cachoeira do Araca (Cachoeira do El Dorado) was recently discovered in the Amazon.

The Smoke Fall
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Smoke Falls

This waterfall is formed by a thin stream. Water falls over an overhanging cliff and forms a single leap. Below the falls is a small pool formed by the falls. In dry periods of the year water may disappear altogether but after heavy rains the stream becomes wide and powerful, air around the falls may be filled with mist.

At first this waterfall was named after pilot – Glass Falls. Later though more popular became another name – Cachoeira da Fumaça (Smoke Falls). This name comes naturally – the thin stream during the long fall is dispersed in the air and turned into mist. Sometimes wind catches up the mist and waterfall goes upwards!

The smoke falls located at Chapada Diamantina
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How to Get There?

Smoke Falls is widely popular with adventurers due to the fact that they’re a great many other things to see and do during the trip to visit them. The waterfall is located in Chapada Diamantina, from above walking six kilometers from the ecological base placed in the Vale do Capão. From below, after a three-day trek starting from Lençoís, Chapada’s best-known city. Takes a long time to be able to achieve it.

So getting to the waterfall is the reason few visitors manage to get there, but once you’re there, you’ll understand why it’s worth all the effort.

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