Published September 6, 2019 | Animals, Endangered, Environment, Wildlife

There’s nothing more that catches our attention than finding out an animal is in danger or distress. This is exactly what happened a few months ago when we were notified by the authorities at the Ngurah Rai International Airport regarding the attempted smuggle of a baby Orangutan.


Smuggling Attempt

bon bon the orangutan rescued in bali

The smuggling attempted by a Russian citizen named Zhestkov Andrei, who claimed to have purchased the ape for USD 300. The Orangutan, who was later named Bon Bon by Bali Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) was only 2 years old and concealed in a basket and heavily sedated. Additionally, there were other animals found in the Russian’s suitcase that included 2 Geckos and 5 other lizards.
After further investigation by authorities, it revealed that the Russian originally planned to fly to South Korea. Where he could then administer more sedative drugs to keep the Orangutan unconscious for the remaining trip to Russia.


Current Status

rescue bon bon the orangutan with bali safari park

Doctors who examined Bon Bon stated that the Orangutan had a pale complexion when he was found and was suffering from digestion problems due to the administered drugs, which also resulted in an unusually large abdomen from the accumulation of gas in the stomach. It also noted that the baby Orangutan suffered from emotional trauma. It needed assistance to help with successful integration into the wilderness.
Bali Safari Park has been appointed to care for Bon Bon while authorities investigate the criminal proceedings further. So far, Bon Bon has been gradually recovering and is being closely cared for by our Animal Keepers.