Now we will find out more about Tiger and The White Tiger. Let’s follow this article!

Are They Different Species?

Tigers do have characteristic orange fur with black stripes. However, certain conditions can make the fur white. The white tiger is the result of a tiger that has a double recession gene condition. This condition is called leucism. Leucism pigment condition makes this animal have white fur and blue eyes.

tiger cubs
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In other tigers, there is a pigment called eumelanin to give the fur a black color. Then the orange fur color comes from a pigment called pheomelanin. Well, the SLC45A2 gene produces pheomelanin. But the gene has mutations. The mutation is a change in nature, quality, or form.

So with the above explanation already answered, they are the same species, friends!


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These animals are the main predators in the food chain. In the hunt, these animals are often alone or in small groups. They prey on wild boar, deer, birds, or fish. In certain circumstances, tigers also prey on deer, monkeys, porcupines, pangolins, sun bears, and others.


  • Tigers are very territorial and are primarily solitary animals. They only meet with and mate during mating season, which usually falls from November to April.
  • While hunting, they hide using the camouflage that their stripes provide, and their large body weight to knock prey to the ground. It goes for the kill with a deadly bite to the neck. Check here if you want to see these majestic animals in action!
Tiger and white tiger
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  • They are fantastic swimmers and can kill prey even while in the water.
  • Tiger cubs are born blind and depend on their mother for protection.
  • They can live up to 14 years and they have amazing night vision, at least 6 times better than humans!

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