Published July 24, 2022 | Activities, Environment, Family, Love, Travel Tips

The National Children Day – which is celebrates every 23rd July in Indonesia have the important purpose.

The main one is to remember the importance and indispensability of children for the country’s future. It is also a good time to reflect about children’s right and to end the child exploitation in Indonesia.

Spesial through Joy of July, Bali Safari Park holding a various event and campaign to commemorate National Children day.

What is the Campaign?


The first campaign is “Palm Stamp” campaign – further information can be read freely through different article here. Beside held a “Palm Stamp” campaign to celebrates Children’s Day, Bali Safari Park also invites a kids’ orphanage. We carry out this event because all children is precious and need our support to achieving their goals.

The kids’ we invited in honour is from Panti Asuhan Darma Jati I Klungkung. They excitedly arrive at Bali Safari Park on 24th July 2022 to do plenty fun activities.

The activities they experience such as Safari Journey with a professional guides which lead them to see animals from 3 countries. Moreover, they also enjoy Animal Educational Presentation, Tiger Presentation and Elephant Education & Conservation Presentation. A spectacular performance Bali Agung Show and Fresh Water Aquarium also can’t be left behind!

Tiger Enrichment Making

Not only experience a fun safari adventures and enjoy a performance and presentation shows. – We also try to make them understanding wildlife better, mainly for the tigers.

To celebrate World Tiger Day which fall on 29th July, we also invite the kids’ from orphanage to make a tiger enrichment.


We provide a box that contains a meat for our big cat. Kids can draw creatively and freely on the surface of the enrichment box. The enrichment then given during tiger exercise at Big Cat Show Amphitheater and the tigers enthusiastically eats it!

Bali Safari Park never stops to support children all over the world to pursue their dreams. You can do it too, as simple as giving love to the children around you!