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As home for many exotic animals including birds, there are so many magnificent birds preserves in Bali Safari Park. One of them you can see is the Toucans – which have “least concern” status according to IUCN Red List.

Glimpse About Toucans


Toucans (Ramphastos toco) are members of the family Ramphastidae, most closely have relation to American barbets. The word “toucan” comes from the sound they makes. It combine the extensive vocal calls with tapping and clattering sounds from their bill. These birds have live span about 20-26 years, and can live longer in captivity.

A Large Bills

They are brightly marked and have large, often colorful bills. Their bill is four-times size of its head and nearly as long as the rest of its body. The function of its bills is to attract potential mates and scaring away predators. Some saying it’s also an adaptation to reach food way out at the ends of branches. It is because the branches not strong enough to hold the bird itself.

Where is their Habitat?

These birds native to Southern Mexico, through Central America to South America, and south to northern Argentina. For the most part the toucans are forest species, and restricted to primary forests.


As an opportunistic omnivorous birds, they like to catch for insects, smaller birds, and small lizards. However, in their range, toucans are the dominant frugivores (fruit eater). These birds play an extremely important ecological role as vectors for seed dispersal of fruiting trees.


Toucans live together in small-sized flocks and make nests in tree hollows or holes often made by the woodpeckers. On the nest, they have their own way to getting comfortable bending their body like a tidy ball of feathers.


The relatively small wings of the toucan mean they are not very good at flying and cannot stay airborne for long. Even so, it is sufficient because they usually don’t move very far and only hop between branches using curved toes and sharp claws.

Let’s give your support to protect the Toucans together with Bali Safari Park!