Published November 15, 2022 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation, Wildlife

The Helmeted Friarbirds is native birds to Indonesia and northern Australia. Also known as “Cucak Timor” by locals, they became the mascot of the Mataram city.

Having a least concern status, this bird is famous for its loud chirping! To support its sustainability, let’s see the article about this unique bird!


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This birds is most prominently abundant in the northern territory coasts of Australia and Indonesia. They are mainly live in subtropical or tropical dry forests, lowland forests, and mangrove forests.

While building nests, the friarbirds typically use bark, leaves and stems to create a sturdy structure. They will also use sticks for extra support and grass for comfort. They tend to build their nests close to a body of water and high in trees to avoid harm.


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Have medium size, their weight in at 127-179g for males and 97-112g for females with 32-36 cm body length.

The fur colours on their face is dark gray with red eyes. As their body is gray-brown with a fading white as it comes toward the chest, and tint darker until it gets to the feet. They have life span approximately 5-7 years.

Diet & Behaviours

Helmet friarbirds eat a variety of foods. Their main sources of nutrition include nectar, fruits and seeds. Sometimes they eat invertebrates and lizards.

The unique behaviour of them is their loud “squawks” that can be heard from far. They will more vocal in the morning and during storms and is quiet throughout the rest of the time.


Source: Google

While breeding the Helmeted friarbird typically lays 2-4 eggs at a time, while the incubation period only takes 15-18 days.

Eventhough the Helmeted Friarbirds have a stable population, they still facing the danger within the next 10 years. There are a prediction that these birds continue to decrease by 10%, making their status vulnerable.

We should protect Helmeted Friarbirds and all wildlife so they don’t go extinct in the wild. So, let’s learn about birds and get involved in animal welfare with Bali Safari Park!