Published January 8, 2021 | Animals

In honor of International Zebra Day, held every January 31st, we present this short article about why zebras are amazing.

When talking about zebras, you should know that there are three species of zebras that roam the great African continent — and not all of them live in the savannah.



The three species of zebras

The Plains Zebra is the species of zebra which you can find at Bali Safari Park. This is the most common species that has held the status of Least Concern, although in recent years, due to poaching and migratory hurdles, the IUCN has reclassified the Plains Zebra to be Near Threatened.

Mountain Zebras earn their name from their preference to living in mountainous terrain, where it is relatively cooler with lush vegetation. Agriculture and hunting has reduced their population and they are now classified as Vulnerable species.

Finally, the mysterious Grevy’s Zebra is the only known zebra species that is classified as Endangered. The Grevy’s Zebra is the largest species of zebra with distinct appearance and behavior compared to the other two species.


A typical zebra herd is composed of a single male and several females (called mares) with their most recent offspring. When male offspring become independent of their mothers, they tend to stray and join a group of ‘bachelors’ to socialize, learn from one another, and practice battles. The oldest bachelor leads the group, and once he is ready to form his own herd, he’d attract a female and battle with the male leader of the herd to which she belonged.

The beautiful life cycle repeats as the social life of a zebra is never without exciting drama.


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