Published April 16, 2022 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Conservation, Endangered, Wildlife

The countdown to D-Day Easter! Identic with eggs as an ancient symbol that means a new life and rebirth. While waiting for that day to come, let’s discuss together the animal that can laying an eggs while you in Bali Safari Park!


komodo dragon

The “living fossil”, that’s what the nickname of the Komodo Dragon that endemic to the island of Komodo, Indonesia. Have a life span about 30 years, they are being endangered due to loss of habitat.


Komodo Dragon is one oviparous animal or can laying eggs to maintain their habitat. While hatching, they can release up to 20 eggs! As in March 2022, Bali Safari Park being the first conservation institution in Bali that succeeded hatched 16 baby Komodo. See how this baby growing day by day here!

Salt Water Crocodile

Buaya Muara, or Salt Water Crocodile is one of the biggest crocs alive on the planet! They are distribute throughout lowland waters and coastal waters in tropical South Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia.


Like the Komodo Dragon, Salt Water Crocodiles also oviparous animal or laying eggs. At the time of laying eggs, the female will keep watch and protect their nests from predators, while incubate their eggs for 90 days. In one laying period, the Salt Water Crocodiles can produce about 40-90 eggs.

Reticulated Phyton

Reticulated Pythons can be found in many countries such as Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Indonesia and Malaysia. The original habitat of this animal is in the tropical forests of Asia.

As the world’s longest snake, they listed as least concern on the IUCN Red List because of its wide distribution.

Like snakes in general, reticulated pythons also oviparous animals that can lay eggs. The incubation period of snake eggs ranges from 80-90 days and once lay it can produce 25-80 eggs.

They just three among of many other oviparous animals in Bali Safari Park! Well, are you still curious to see more animals? Don’t be hesitate and start book your ticket now! Happy Easter Safari Lovers!