Published July 29, 2021 | Animal Knowledge, Animals, Endangered, Tigers, Wildlife

Who doesn’t love tigers? Here in Bali, you can come close to real-life tigers as they roam about in their wide and spacious, dedicated enclosures at Bali Safari Park.

Interesting facts about tigers our favorite wild feline.

Bali Safari Fact About Tigers

  • The Tiger is one of the largest member of the cat family. There used to be 9 sub-species of tigers, namely Sumatran, Malayan, Caspian, Bengal, Siberian, Javan, Bali, Indochinese and South Chinese. Three of these sub-species are extinct, including the Bali tiger, and the remaining six sub-species are endangered. Check our other post about endangered animals in the world.
  • Every tiger has a long, reddish coat with black and white tails and white fur on their bellies. On each individual tiger, the stripes are varied and are usually brown, black or grey. They also have white spots surrounded by black fur at the very back of their ears.
  • Tiger eat deer, pigs, buffalo and antelope. They also eat pythons and crocodiles. Some tigers have been known to attack and eat humans as well as farmed or domestic animals.
  • Due to its dwindling numbers, tigers in the wild can now only be found in South Asia, South East Asia, China and in the furthest east of Russia. See our post about native animals of Indonesia.
  • Tigers are very territorial, and are mostly solitary animals. They only meet with and mate during mating season, which usually falls from November to April.

Bali Safari Fact About Tigers

  • While hunting, they hide using the camouflage that their stripes provide, and their large body weight to knock prey to the ground. It goes for the kill with a deadly bite to the neck. Check here if you want to see this majestic animals in action!
  • Tigers are fantastic swimmers and can kill prey even while in the water.
  • Male tigers may kill a young tiger cub to make the female more receptive to mating. A tiger cub usually stays with its mother until about 2.5 years of age.
  • Tiger cubs are born blind and depend on their mother for protection.
  • Tigers can live to up to 14 years and they have amazing night vision, at least 6 times better than humans!

Those are interesting facts about tigers. At Bali Safari Park in Gianyar, Bali, tigers and other wild animals roam freely at this conservation center that is home to over 100 endangered and rare species from all over the world.

Please also consider why we must protect wildlife worldwide.