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Miss Bali Finals Held at Bali Safari and Marine Park

GIANYAR – 5 December 2016 - The Bali Agung Theatre at the Bali Safari & Marine Park served as the venue for the final gala evening of Puteri Bali 2016 (Miss Bali 2016) Competition on Saturday, December 3, 2016. The highlight of the lavish and colorful evening saw Devina Bertha win the right to serve as Bali’s cultural ambassador for the coming year, tasking her to travel internationally and across Indonesia to promote Bali tourism, and also represent Bali in the coming Miss Indonesia Pageant. Devina - considered to have the poise, grace and breadth of knowledge to represent the Island, was chosen from among 10 finalists drawn from the municipalities and regencies of Bali during a grueling one-week-long seclusion and selection process. During that period, the group of ingénues attended educational and finishing sessions intended to refine and polish them into worthy representatives of the world’s most famous paradise island. Testing the contestants’ readiness to face new experiences and learn more about the natural world, the young women also spent a day with nature at the Bali Safari & Marine Park where they became trainee Mahouts, getting hands-on experience that included bathing and cutting the nails of the large Sumatran elephants temporarily placed under their supervision. Numerous interviews, challenges and testing all paved the way to a tension-filled Gala Final Night held on stage before the 1,200 seats of the Bali Theatre. Spectacular in every detail, each of the 12 finalists were introduced one by one and collectively to the audience during a fun-filled evening punctuated by dramatic scenes presented by the hundreds of dancers and musicians who perform in the daily Bali Agung Show at the Park. When the panel of judges finally announced their final selection, Devina Bertha, a student of business and economics at Bali’s Udayana University emerged as the woman selected to wear the crown of Miss Bali for the coming year. Meanwhile, named as first runner-up was Lylik with Sanitca as second runner-up. William Santoso, General Manager of the Bali Safari & Marine Park, who also served as a member of the blue ribbon panel of judges, expressed the Park’s delight at being able to cooperate with the Miss Bali-Indonesia Foundation and Wisurya Events in hosting the final gala evening of the contest. Adding: “Bali Safari & Marine Park is deeply honored to be able to welcome such a distinguished group of talented young women to participate in a process that resulted in the choice of the next Miss Bali. The Park is committed in investing in Indonesia’s coming generation and we hope that the contestants’ exposure to the Park’s consistent message of environmental sustainability and concern for endangered species will help Devina Bertha popularize the ‘Green Bali’ campaign launched by Bali’s Governor.” The Gala evening was made all the more glamorous via its setting on the stage of the Bali Agung Theatre where the 10 contestants went through their paces presenting a dazzling dance performance supported by the venue’s state-of-the art sound and lighting technology. Also adding the glamour and excitement of the evening were compelling vignettes from the Bali Agung Show, and appearances by well-known entertainers that included Balawan, Ayu Kamaratih, Angga and Keisha Pallar.

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