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December 14th 2016

GIANYAR – 14 December 2016 – Outstanding taxpayers in the Regency of Gianyar, Bali were honored at an awards ceremony held on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. Held at the Balai Budaya Gianyar, the Regency used the occasion to demonstrate appreciation to top taxpayers and those officials assigned to collect Hotel and Restaurant Taxes and Ground Water Taxes. Attending the ceremony were the head of the Revenue Agency (Dinas Pendapatan) for the Regency of Gianyar, I Wayan Arthana; the chairman of the Gianyar House of Representatives (DPRD-Gianyar); the Forum for the Coordination of Regional Leadership (FORKOPIMDA Gianyar); the chairman of the Gianyar Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI-Gianyar); the chairman of Commission III of the Gianyar House of Representatives (DPRD-Gianyar); district chiefs (camat); taxpayers; and tax collectors.


Remarks by the Regent of Gianyar delivered by I Wayan Arthana explained that tax revenues in Gianyar have grown since 2015 when Rp. 457.26 billion was collected to the Rp. 476.57 billion already collected in 2016 through the end of the month of November – an increase to date of 4.2 . Of the total tax revenues collected, Hotel and Restaurant Taxes (PHR) constituted Rp. 233.93 billion or 49.09 According to Arthana, the taxes collected are assisting the many development programs of the Gianyar Regency Administration. Officials report that taxation in Gianyar is proceeding smoothly, supported by the high level of public awareness of the need to meet corporate tax obligations. Arthana said that the Administrators of the Regency of Gianyar feels the need to show its appreciation to taxpayers who have faithfully met their tax bills.


Arthana, on behalf of the Regent, acknowledged that the Regional Administration had the limited capability of only presenting certificates and plaques to faithful taxpayers. “Nonetheless, I hope that these taxpayer awards can be gratefully accepted and received with the sincere thanks of the Gianyar Regency,” he said. Among those cited for their diligent fulfillment of their tax obligation was the Bali Safari and Marine Park. The Park’s operational manager, Ketut Suardana, commented, “As an
organization dedicated to conservation and one of the largest taxpayers in the Gianyar Regency, we take great pride in our ongoing excellent cooperation with the bureaucracy of the Gianyar Regency.” Suardana also expressed the hope that the Regency will enhance and improve its partnership with the Park by facilitating and supporting the needs of the Bali Safari and Marine Park.


Among other companies in Gianyar honored for their tax compliance were: the Four Seasons Resort (starred hotel); PT Depursit Villas and Spa (Melati Hotel I); PT Bisma Internusa Jaya Wisma 8 (Melati Hotel II); Royal Pitamaha (Melati Hotel III); Bali Diamond Estates (Pondok Wisata); The Bridges Restaurant (Restaurant); Bali Safari and Marine Park (Entertainment Venue); and for the highest payment of ground water taxes Amandari Hotel. In determining the top taxpayers Gianyar officials

evaluated compliance with tax law, timeliness of tax payments and the amount paid. Meanwhile, tax collectors received awards for their ability to collect targeted tax revenues. (source : Fajar Bali)