ƒ Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali Mynah

Species           : Leucopsar rothschildi

Diet                 : insects like worms, plants & seeds.

Reproduction    : Oviparous

Distribution       : Bali mynah live in the lowland forested areas of North West Bali.

Facts               :

  • This species is endemic to the island of Bali, Indonesia.

  • The main threat to these beautiful birds is the pet trade for cage birds on black market.

  • Some conservation efforts to save them from extinction are still underway with many zoos and local conservation groups focused on breeding these birds with plan to release them back into the wild.

Lesser Bird of Paradise

Species          : Paradisaea minor

Diet                : fruits, seeds and small insects.

Reproduction   : Oviparous

Distribution      : Australasia regions of eastern Indonesia, Torres Strait Islands,  Papua New Guinea, and eastern Australia 

Facts              :

  • Male has a long beautiful tail which used to attract the female attention.

  • In Bali, such as in Pakraman Serangan Village, people used dead preserved bird for ceremonial purposes such as in cremation. It is believed that this bird will lead the spirit of the dead to paradise.


Black-naped Oriole

Species         : Oriolus chinensis

Diet               : feed on a range of berries and others apart from insects.

Reproduction  : Oviparous

Distribution     : Philippine and Sulawesi Indonesia. 

Facts             :

  • They possess a clear flute like whistle which is occasionally turned into a very harsh scolding call note when alarmed or defended himself.


Asian Golden Weaver

Species         : Ploceus hypoxanthus

Diet               : Diet mainly grass and seeds

Reproduction  : Oviparous

Distribution     : It is found in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Facts             :

  • Sometimes nests are placed in trees or shrubs, and then higher than 2 m above the ground. There are several records of nests built close to hornet nests or near biting ants.

  • The male has golden crown on their head and brighter color than female.

Yellow-crested Cockatoo

Species           : Cacatua sulphurea

Diet                 : vegetable and seeds

Reproduction  : Viviparous

Distribution     :  East Timor and Indonesia's islands of Sulawesi and the Lesser Sundas.

Facts               :

  • Cockatoos are very smart, but if they get bored, they sometimes destroy things. That’s why we put some natural items to make them busy and they can play with.

  • Cockatoos are the only parrots that are naturally pink or naturally white. In most cases, a white parrot is considered an albino or a genetic mutation.